Ex-Partners Crazy?

Me and D have been together little over 4 years and we both couldn’t be any happier. We are engaged, have a 3 yr old cat and a 2 yr old son and getting married in 2 years!!

But we have a major pest. Now my xbf Todd, well we only dated for 2 years and I still to this day don’t know what I ever saw in him. At our 3 month anniversary he was cheating on me yet I still stayed with him (I know crazy). Hey I thought I loved him but I guess I didn’t. The really messed up part is when I threw his shit out of the house he went back to his mommies and 3 weeks later got engaged to another women. Hello can we say he was screwing around behind my back?! Oh well he is now with her, they are married and have 2 kids, good for them, I personally don’t care anymore as for he don’t want nothing to do with me even as friends, because wifey hates me, OH WELL!

Now D’s xgf Crystal…..well….they were together 7 years (yes D is 4 yrs older then me). I guess the relationship was alright at first, but then went down hill. She wrote checks out is other peoples names, bounced check’s in D’s grandfather’s name and other shit. She would get her monthly money and wouldn’t help D out with paying the bills it always went to her mommy. I guess about the last year or so of their relationship it really went down hill. Why? Because she was cheating on him with someone else. She swears up and down that she never cheated on him and crap and that D cheated on her. Well news flash he never cheated on her, it was her doing the cheating. So Valentines 2007 D had stuff all set up and planned out for the two of them and well she came out about cheating or something like that and that was the end of that relationship. She is now married to the guy she was seeing behind D’s back.

Now to the crazy part! It all deals with D’s ex as for I mentioned my ex don’t talk to me anymore. When she found out me and D were dating I kept getting emails from her saying he’s no good and he will just cheat on me, even her psycho friend sent me emails too(at first me and D lived in different states). I just would confront D about what she was saying he said he NEVER cheated on her. So fast forward a little bit. This women is now on my damn friends list cause if I ignore her she still somehow get’s a hold of me. I swear she is still in love with D. She is always asking our me and D’s relationship and its like its PERFECT!!! She is just damn nosey, I can’t stand it. Then ooooh then, we went down to visit D’s family and friends Feb. 2011 and his brother’s gf had to keep saying oh I saw Crystal. That’s something not to say around me. I can’t fucking stand her, she is psycho. She is still fucking hung up on D. Since she wrote a damn letter to him saying how she misses him and still loves him. Oh another thing, fucking D’s brother’s gf goes and says D & Crystal was a cute couple…WHAT?!?!? You can go and fucking say this about this but can’t say something nice about me and D now WTF?!

 I am so much better then his ex and always will be. He wants nothing to do with her, yet some people still have to bring her up in conversation. Ugh its just so fucking annoying!!! I could go on forever about this whole situation but I will be nice and won’t lol.

2 thoughts on “Ex-Partners Crazy?

  1. Thank you, because that had to be the most sensable summining up of my past anyone has done. Hell, you did a better job than me. Thanks hunnie, for it’s people like her that keep the local mental hospitals around, and people like me from ever being happy.


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