Mum, Mumma, Mommy, Mom…..

This was T yesterday when we went into the store. I would walk away from him for a few seconds since daddy & Gigi was right there, I would soon hear “MOM, MUMMA, MUMMA”. *Sigh* yes T what do you want *arms up in the air* so I pick him up gives me a hug then thought he could get down to run. Ha nice try bud, back into the cart he would go.

Few seconds later, “mumma, mumma, mumma” *sigh again* this time I just ignore him and tell him he’s fine and that I’m right here near him. We get in line to check out and my friend works at the store and she come’s over and picks him up and she can’t believe how big he has gotten and wants to basically have a play date her 2 boys and T. So now I have to figure out when we are going to set that up. She goes to hand T back to me and he starts to scream >_> and he is crying because she gave him back to me and he didn’t want nothing to do with me. Man I felt heartbroken. But what really made me feel like crap was he started to call her mom. Well at this point I am really trying to hold back tears, am I truly that bad of a mom and that ugly of a mother that my son goes and calls another women mom?

We get back home and next thing I hear is “mumma mumma”, oye is all I wanted to say but I didn’t I go over to him and he just smiles and me, and I couldn’t help but smile back. Once again a few minutes later he does it again, this time I did ignore him and finally he stopped. T can be suck a booger at times. I still feel like crap cause he called another women mom, he has never done that I guess I am an ugly mother *tears up*.

Just had to add this video, when T did that I just thought of Family Guy:


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