Footprint Ghost Craft!

Its that time of year when we start the decorations for Halloween! Mommy & daddy both love this holiday and T does too and don’t get scared by anything! We figured we would make the footprint ghost this year and gift them out to the family so they have another keepsake! This one we made into a magnet for everyone’s fridge! It also has a little poem on the back that I actually came up with (well with a little help from D).


  • Black construction paper
  • White paint
  • Google eyes or marker for the eyes
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Glue
  • Magnet
  • Poem
  • Of course your child
  • Patience


“As you can see my feet are still small,

but I wanted to make you this little ghost, 

so you may hang it on the wall,

and to wish you a Happy Halloween”

To Make:

  • Get the paper set on the table and put some paint on a plate.

  • Dip your child’s foot into the paint. T didn’t like it cause the paint was cold so I had to spread on the paint to his foot. Once the foot is covered in paint place onto paper and carefully remove. Sometimes you don’t get the perfect print, but they still come out really cute!

  • Set the paper(s) up so they can dry. Depending on how much paint was put onto each foot depends on how long it takes to dry. T’s footprints only took maybe an hour to dry.

  • Once dried, cut around the print of the foot.
  • Lay out the popsicle sticks and place glue on the sticks and carefully place the footprint on top. Let set and dry. I actually have double sided fabric tape and didn’t feel like messing with glue so I used that and worked wonderful lol. Then either place the google eyes on or draw on some eyes. You may also add a mouth if you choose but we decided not to.

  • If you chose to make into magnet, flip the piece over and place the magnet on the back. Then with double sided tape place the poem on top of the magnet.

There you go a cute little ghost. Sorry if all the typing confuses anyone, I am not the best at typing instructions. We had a ball making the ghost and they came out so darn cute. There is enough for everyone in the family. Can’t wait to see their faces, they will def love them!

Its so cute hearing T running around trying to say ghost, when he says it, it sounds like “ghosssssst” its so darn cute.


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