Pool Painting *craft*

Okay, I know you are probably thinking…what the ****? Its not as crazy as it sounds, its actually a lot of fun. First of all, we had our storage stuff in our house because our sheds got tore down and just got the new ones put up finally. So T’s little plastic pool as been in the house and I really wanted to do something different with T. So I decided to do marble painting, but last time we did that T was still in a high chair so was easier. So I decided to do marble painting in the pool!



*Plastic Pool



*Construction paper any color you chose

The Fun Begins!

  • Place the paper inside the pool, then drizzle paint all over the papers.

  • Next just start moving the pool and let your kid(s) have a blast. You can either move the pool to get the marbles to move around or pick up the marbles and drop them into the pool to make pictures too!

 Mommy & T tilting the pool making the marbles move back and forth!

 T got bored with the marbles so he decided to go and get his trucks and put into the paint.

 T got the white paper really covered in paint and he was just having too much fun so we decided to put in more paper for him.

Daddy even got into having fun with this. He couldn’t believe how much fun this was.

Over all this was one of the most funnest projects I have came up with for T to do. Mommy, daddy & T all had a blast with it. T didn’t wanna stop but we had to cause we were running out of room for all the painted papers. I say if you have a small hard plastic pool to go and give this a try. It is a lot of fun!


One thought on “Pool Painting *craft*

  1. This was one of the funnest painting projects ever!!! And I can’t wait to do it again, because not only are we screwing around with a pool in the house, T’s painting, being creative, and making a controlled mess at the same time!!


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