Where’s your diaper?

That is exactly what I was thinking last night when me and D decided to head to bed.

It was after 1am when we went up to bed and as always we check on T before we head into our room. Just as I was about to blow him a kiss and say night again I had to take a double look at T sleeping. He took his diaper off! I couldn’t help but laugh about it. So I told D to bring me another one cause I thought the one he had on was wet. D gets to the room and he ends up having a good chuckle over it. Step over the gate to his room and found out that his diaper was actually dry. So we carefully put the diaper back on him thankfully he only woke for a few sec and fell back to sleep.

We are still trying to figure out why he took his diaper off in the middle of the night. D thought that T had peed the bed but guess what…he didn’t!! It was only sweat that he felt on the bed, cause the plastic sheet underneath wasn’t wet. So I do give T credit for not peeing the bed! I think soon T will be out of diapers at bed time. He is doing excellent with going potty here at home, he sits on his potty and goes, he’s still hasn’t figured out how to stand at the big potty and go, also we gotta get him to go on the potty while out in public. So hopefully T will be fully potty trained soon!

I just still can’t believe he took his diaper off with it still being dry. Two days ago he took it off cause he pooped and was standing in his room with diaper off and still poop in his bung. I have one crazy kid but I love him so much. I think having children just makes life so much more interesting!!


One thought on “Where’s your diaper?

  1. I’m still having a good laugh over it, and your right, I don’t forsee him going to bed with his diapers much longer since he wakes up from naps and bed in his birthday suit. I know we’re both super proud of him and how far he has come.


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