Becoming Independent

Hard to believe how independent Mr. T is becoming. I just want to sit and cry and wish T was back to being a baby when he depended on us for everything lol. Now he can do just about anything on his own. He feeds himself, he can clean himself in the bath tub, just about wipe his own butt and so much more. Just today he went into the fridge and got out juice and brought it to me, I asked him for a sippy cup and he goes and gets me one, so of course I had to pour him a drink.

I just can’t believe how big my little man is getting and he is only 2 years old! Also his vocabulary is getting much much better. He is starting to say more words and the sentences are getting better too. Especially yesterday, Gigi took his food so she could get a kiss from him and he said “no give me back”, I couldn’t help but chuckle a little. Also talk about smart, I swear there is days where T is more smarted then anyone in the house. He has been becoming independent since I swear he turned 1 year old actually a little after when he basically started walking.

Its just amazing how a child goes from completely depended on the parents to just about independent. I am so proud of T and all his accomplishments!!

When did your little one(s) start acting like this?


4 thoughts on “Becoming Independent

  1. I am so proud of T and how far he has come in his life so far. The whole idea of him being independent has scared me from the begining because I knew that it was only a matter of time when our lil man would grow up. I guess they don’t stay small forever (so much for wishful thinking). But I know that we’re along for his long and adventurous ride.


  2. My daughter is super independent too. She’s 20 months and the other day she went into the pantry and took out the pancake mix, syrup, and even PAM and came up to me and said “Pancake”. How could I not make them? We do some classes together and all the other moms are worried about separation anxiety with their kids. My daughter really doesn’t care where I am. It makes me sad too, but at the same time, it’s nice that she doesn’t feel like she needs me all the time.


    • Wow that’s pretty cool! We don’t go to any classes as for where I live there is nothing. T doesn’t really have separation anxiety, thankfully. Just once in a while he yells for mumma when I have to go somewhere and not taking him, but a few seconds once I’m out the door he is fine, but like I said its once in a while. I just think its amazing on how independent children become at young ages!


  3. I think our 6 year old skipped ‘independant” – she announced in kindergarden she was going to be a Project Manager. Not ony are we not sure how she knows what that is; but are fairly certain we are her first “Project”.


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