Floral Pinwheel Preview!

I am super excited about making this blanket! Originally I was going to make the pinwheel pattern out of all floral fabric, but then decided not to. I am making this blanket for my grandmother for a Christmas gift. I thought making this pattern was going to be hard to figure out but it actually was very easy. I am really hoping she will like the blanket as much as I do! I still have yet to figure out the border and what I am going to use for the backing. Its just going to be a small lap blanket 36″x36″ I figured its a good enough size for her since she loves to have so many blankets lol.

I have a total of 16 of the above squares to make. So far I have 1 done and 15 more to go. Like I said I am really excited about this blanket and can’t wait to see how amazing it comes out. I might have at least all the squares done today or tomorrow then like I mentioned have to figure out a border which is 2″ all sides and a backing. If anyone would like to leave a comment on a pattern to use I would greatly appreciate. Thanks and hope everyone likes the pattern so far!





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