How Did I?

Freaking forget to cut 6 more pieces of each fabric for my grams blanket? To be honest I have no dang idea. I guess I counted wrong or something I just can’t understand it. Well now I have to cut 6 pieces of fabric from both designs so that’s 12 squares, then mark lines, sew those lines, cut, press, sew again, then press again to finally have 3 bigger squares. OYE

I think this blanket is going to drive me crazy, oh wait I am crazy for even doing this design lol. I know in the long run the blanket is going to come out very nice.

I just had to rant about that, I have never done that. I guess my mind has been overloading a lot lately. Ever have days like that happen?


Side Note:

Tomorrow my mum has to go in for surgery to have a 6.9mm cyst removed. I know she will do fine during the surgery and recover well, she is a very strong woman. Hell she raised us two kids and dealt with my stupid father too, so I know she can handle this. My prayers are with you mum, I love you!

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