Patterns, finally put on paper!

So I have a lot of ideas and things I want to sew together, just finding the time and patience is the hard part. Sewing may be a pain, but I love doing it, cause its just awesome taking fabric and creating it into something people can use. I originally started sewing a few years ago, but just couldn’t stay with it, plus my now xbf was a royal dick (excuse my language) so I really couldn’t keep with it. Now I just love it, I went to Walmart and just had fun shopping for fabric, my fiance said that I was just all smiles lol. I don’t know but sewing is so much fun, it helps sometimes to keep your mind off of things, just what I’ve learned is never sew while mad, your project won’t come out right.

Below is a photo of some patterns I finally got to putting together on paper!

I have more patterns saved online that of course ain’t mine and won’t take credit but def can’t wait to put them together!

This pattern is for my fiance’s blanket, its from one of his favorite classic games Tetris. He already knows about it and can’t wait til I finally start working on it. I only have like 2 months to have it finished by Christmas.

Now me and my fiance play an RP game called World of Warcraft. He got me into playing the game. I at first hated it but then started playing and now love it. We are nothing like some people who get very into the game and forget they are just playing a game. But I can’t wait to make these blankets they are going to come out very nice!

The Alliance:

The Horde:

Sorry to those who are bored with this post, but I do have people that will find this interesting to read and see. Oh also, while I was trying to take pictures of the patterns T was sitting saying cheese, so I had to take his picture. He is just getting too big and a cutie, he also just loves the camera lol.



One thought on “Patterns, finally put on paper!

  1. I wanted to make a Tetris blanket! I was going to crochet one using granny squares. I saw a picture of it online and thought it was so cute! I haven’t tried quilting but I crocheted a Christmas afghan and am halfway done with a USA flag I’m making for my little one!


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