T’s message to mumma’s followers!

I figured I would let T come and make a post on here today. He is always seeing mommy typing something up on here, so he wanted a try at it. As you can see below he was having way too much fun with it. I actually had  a tough time getting him to stop, had to save a draft and then close the laptop til he finally got his mind on something else. How many of you parents would let your kids do something like this? Its fun and amazing to watch T type on the computer, he got more interested with hitting the space bar then anything, so I had to take some out or this would have been one LONG message lol. (to be honest I have no idea what he is trying to say, but he just wanted to send a message to everyone!)

m.mm/m fsdsdfdm//nm /   / /  /s/g/h;aa;/;nl l ll l l. l l ., ,  lblb l ;’ ‘/ ‘ ////m.m/n . /.n /n .n;/m’n’n’n’n’ ‘ m //,’

bnm  m          dc      d ddddddd  xtuo[\78898uy7”’

/j/j;k[j[m.n,ml..,m,.m,.m.n,.nmnnn,b,m. / //.



84/84/4/4/4/4//74/7/7/74/848489457jn          1qfdswdrf,.,.j’mn’n; ;. / . .ml;m,11152=7\\799++++





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