Helpful to Mumma

T actually made mumma get a little teary-eyed earlier. 

It was just a few minutes since I had finished my dinner and T comes up to me and says “dirty?” pointing to my plate.

I say “yes”, next thing I know he is taking off with my plate. 

I seriously thought he was going to do something silly with it, NOPE he went and took it out to the kitchen and put in our sink!

I was completely shocked! 

Then he goes and take’s his Gigi’s plate and puts it in the sink. 

A few minutes later Gigi went out to get some more food and T just took her plate again and put into the sink. 

I can’t believe how helpful he is being tonight, he has never done anything like this.

I am very proud of him, and hope’s he keeps up with being so helpful!

Us mom’s have the right to go and brag about certain things our child(ren) do. 

As anyone’s lil’ ones done something and you just had to go and brag about it?


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