Re-Used Canister

I’ve been saving some of our canisters lately cause I’ve wanted to re-use them. Well I finally came up with an idea to use at least one of the canisters.

I made a cute pen holder for T to put on his little desk he has. It was really easy putting together, anyone can make one of these.

All I did was on the bottom of the fabric flip over about 1/4″ and ironed it flat, then on one of the ends flipped over 1/4″ and ironed it.

Next, just took some double sided fabric tape and used that to place the fabric on the canister, and tada you have a new pen holder!

Just be careful and don’t do what I did….I accidently put the fabric on the canister upside down. So this is the fabric on the container “upside down”.

Oh well so the fabric may be upside down, I still love how it came out! That’s why there is trial and error. Now I know next time to pay attention.

Looks good on T’s little desk he has. As you can see he loves to color…on his desk.

Thankfully he has only colored on the walls twice and he helped clean up the mess and haven’t done it since then.

T using the holder and having no problem with it. He seems to like it. So does Thomas & Gordon lol.


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