1st Time Making Pants!

(T didn’t want them on at the moment & I just woke up from well needed sleep D let me get!)

That’s right, this mumma make her 1st pair of toddler pants! I searched and looked at many different ways of making kids pants.

Well finally I decided to sit down and figure out how to make them. I am very proud of how these pants came out.

I used an old t-shirt to make them, so they are perfect for this colder weather, going to keep him nice and warm.

These were actually made last night but since T was already in bed, I had to wait til today when I got up to put them on him.

The bottoms I didn’t have to do anything as for that’s the bottom of the shirt and thought it looks good like that so why mess with it.

Its funny in the above pic they look small but they are not, they are the same size as a 2T. I just can’t get over how nice these pants came out.

I can’t wait to go and make him more. The  only problem I had was that the material was kinda stretchy, so was kinda a pain.

But I still love how they came out!

What does everyone think for my first time making kids pants?



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