Around here the only place for me to get fabric is at Walmart, and to be honest its not that bad.

Their prices are really great and the fabric choices are wonderful.

I just love walking to the fabric area and looking at all the fabric’s and deciding what I need.

My favorite part is the reduced areas!! Now who doesn’t love great deals on fabric?

Now they have to sections, one is where different size pre-cut fabric on sale and bins of fabric still on their skeins reduced down!

Yesterday I went on a search for black fabric, there are so many different types of plain black…OYE.

Anyways, I went over to the section of pre-cut fabric bin and found an excellent deal!!

My mum was with me, and I really wasn’t sure about it at first but then decided heck at that price get it!

I couldn’t believe it originally $20 and on sale for $2?

I kept looking at to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks, and they weren’t.

Its really soft material. Camo on one side and a really soft fluffy side on the other.

I kinda have an idea on what I might use some of it for.

I still can’t believe the price difference. I am glad I went and checked out the deals.

Has any of you gotten really great deals like this and may of thought what would I use it for but still got it?


2 thoughts on “Fabric!!

  1. All of the WalMarts around me have stopped carrying fabric. 😦 I still have JoAnn Fabrics, which is great, but I’d like multiple choices! I’m jealous that your WalMart still has fabric!

    I recently got an amazing deal on remnants at JoAnns – NFL licensed fleece remnants. Almost two full yards of Chicago Bears fleece for 50% off. No idea what I’ll make with it – especially since I live in Florida, and it’s fleece, LOL – but I’m a Bears fan, and it was 50% off so I couldn’t pass it up!

    Can’t wait to see what you make with your special find!


    • We have a Walmart like 15mins away and they took out the fabric section, so we drive 30mins to another Walmart and tada lol they still have their fabric section!!

      I went to JoAnn’s one time and didn’t really like the prices at the time they didn’t really have any sales so I guess that’s why.

      Awesome on the 50% off, that’s always a great deal. I believe even if I can’t think of anything at first to just go ahead and get it, only when its a great sale!!


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