Dear Headache, Please go away.

Nothing like waking up in the morning with a major headache. I am thinking its just my allergies acting up but not really sure. This headache is just ridiculous and of course T is not helping with it. The weather today just isn’t helping either. Its dark and cloudy and chance of rain today and on Friday a change of rain & snow showers! I have a blanket that I really need to work on, have to see the landlord and just have no energy. T got this box full of toys yesterday my aunt bought him and to find out its a bunch of wooden train track and wooden trains, she just thought they were trains…NOPE they are Thomas the Tank Engine wooden trains, the original ones. Lucky us more toys for T to have scattered throughout the house. So T thinks its fun today to make a lot of noise with them since mumma has a headache. I just want to crawl back in bed and start new, I hate days like this. As I am typing this my son is saying “mumma, mumma, mumma, mumma, its ghost”, ah the joys of being a mother, can’t wait to have more kids like him lol.

Anyone have one of these days wake up with a headache and the day is just basically blah? I really do hate days like this but thankfully D is helpful to me when I have days like this.

One thought on “Dear Headache, Please go away.

  1. I think we all have days like this sometimes. These become movie days at our house. We had a lot of movie days at the end of my pregnancy. Hopefully your headaches have gone away by now. Hang in there!!


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