“Winnie the Pooh”

The above movie we were all excited about when we seen it coming out to theaters and couldn’t wait til it came out to own.

Yesterday we decided since it came out to Redbox to go and rent it. A lot cheaper then going to a rental place.

The movie is only 1hr long, but its so darn cute, but I am thankful we went with Redbox and only paid $1.08 for a night for it.

T absolutely loved the movie, he kept laughing at almost the whole movie.

Even all of us adults watched it and got a good chuckle from the movie.

We just wished the movie was a little bit longer but that’s okay.

I def recommend families to go out and rent this movie, its so cute and will def keep even the most busiest kid occupied at least for 1hr.

T is a busy body and kept him still for the whole time.

Winnie the Pooh helps children use their imagination and that anything is possible!


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