Your Beautiful

Ugh this is just something I can believe when I hear it.

My fiance have told me so many times that I’m beautiful, but to be honest I never believe him.

I actually don’t believe anyone when they say I am beautiful.


Because like when I tell everyone, when I look in the mirror I see a fat ugly person.

I am on the heavy side and always have been, and personally I don’t think I am beautiful.

I’ve been told you have issues with yourself then, if I do oh well its MY opinion.

I think I am this way is cause all through school even through High School that’s all I heard was fat & ugly.

I have already thought that when my son gets older he is going to be embarrassed by his mom cause of my looks, but I’ve been told no that won’t happen.

I guess I do have issues, but its nothing I can fix I’ve heard it for so many years even my xbf’s family did it to me.

Like seriously look at me…so damn ugly.

I just…errrrr.

My fiance and I try to do a pic of the two of us and he hates how many pic we end up taking cause I just hate how I look in them.

Also I hate make-up I believe in true beauty, people who were make-up is a afraid of what people will think of their true beauty.

I know I sound crazy saying that when I have issues with myself’s beauty.

So I need whomever reads this HONEST opinion am I ugly or beautiful and am I crazy cause I think this all cause I grew up hearing it?


3 thoughts on “Your Beautiful

  1. Ok, so here’s the deal. For starters, I agree with you. Alot, and by alot I mean 98% of your opinion of your exterior does come from alot of bad programming as a young person. I went through it, and hated every second of it. But see, the people who have such a negative opinion of how you look only makes them ugly. You are a beautiful woman regardless of how you feel about it. I know that you have your opinions about your self and there is nothing I can do but listen to said opinions, but know this…There are alot of people in this world who share the same beliefs as I do about you.

    I fell in love with a woman who has the most engaging brown eyes, warm smile, and a heart bigger than any other. You always ask me why I love you or ask me what your looks that I love, and the answer remains the same, and I would not change how I feel, nor can anything be said to make me feel otherwise. I love you.


  2. First of all, you do have a beautiful face. Great eyes and eyebrows! Jealous!!
    Second of all, ALL of us are insecure about ourselves. Even the most perfect women (what we would think as perfect) have insecurities. I’ve been told my whole life I’m pretty, I’m 39, and am still so insecure! Some days I feel it, some days I don’t. I still have to lose baby weight and
    my son is 18 months. I suck my stomach in
    around my boyfriend all the time! He tells me I’m
    beautiful and I don’t believe him. I think WE just can’t help it. When it comes down to it, it really is on the inside, and radiates out. Think about it!


  3. Hey pretty mama!

    Ok, how did my greeting make you feel? Did you get embarrassed, upset, shy, cocky, or even indifferent? See, I believe that the way we view ourselves is very much based on what we were “taught” to believe as children — sometimes directly, more often indirectly.

    I grew up in another world (country), where being light-skinned (assumed to be American) was a sign of beauty because most of the locals were of medium tone; being light-skinned was a sign of financial riches, of culture, and of sin — i.e., American porn & violent movies paved this road – not I. It was a catch 22 because people either thought that I got a lot of opportunities in life because of my looks, or else they refused to give me a chance & felt intimidated because of my looks. (The kind of mentality where they think, “Why give the foreigner this opportunity when we can give it to our struggling neighbors instead?”, even though I was born & raised there — not at all a foreigner.) Pfft, screwed either way! During the time, people in the USA were obsessed with tanning and with the dark, exotic look — which is completely opposite to what I had known and experienced. It’s like no one’s happy with what they’ve got; they long for the opposite!

    Being in the military and going to different countries helped me realize how different each culture/each person’s perception of beauty is, further clarifying that we are taught to like/dislike certain things about physical appearance. Beauty is taught, not acquired. Anyone can be taught to be beautiful, but not everyone can accept what was taught. Watch Jessica Simpson’s TV series, “The Price of Beauty” and you’ll see what I mean. So really, what anyone thinks of your appearance doesn’t matter because it can wildly vary from person to person. Instead, what YOU think of your appearance is what really matters, and if you don’t think highly of yourself — then you need to work on that, because changing your attitude (the way you think) can change your entire outlook on not just appearances, but on life. Changing your physical appearance, on the other hand, is almost impossible without surgery, and even then, you’re still only as pretty as you think you are (attitude).

    People who would comment on my appearance (whether good or bad) do so — not to benefit me, but because THEY were the ones who were uncomfortable with themselves, their situation, or their life in general. I’m sure you’ve once said to someone, “Wow, don’t you look pretty!” Chances are you said it because something about their appearance (whether it was the dress they wore or the pounds they lost or whatever) made you feel intimidated, inadequate, or uncomfortable all of a sudden. So when people comment about your appearance, just know that it’s because they’re uncomfortable about themselves — there’s nothing wrong with you; you are one hot (& intimidating) mama!

    Nothing other people have to say about my appearance can change what I know about myself, what I’ve achieved, and who I am… and DAMN, I am da bomb, I am ALL THAT plus a bag of chips, I am one hot mama, I am just damn goooood all around! …and maybe a little arrogant too. 😉


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