Fabric ABC’s & Bag

Above is a pic of the fabric letters I made for me & D’s niece.

I love how awesome these letters came out!

Got fabric, Dollar Tree fleece blanket for the inside and magnets.

Trace out the letters on the fabric guess the size of inner fleece you want, place magnet inside the layers and sew.

So simple and nice, not to mention these letters are super soft!!

So def perfect for our niece who is 1 1/2yrs old.

Also decided to make a bag for her so when she’s not playing with them on the fridge they are kept together in the bag.

Isn’t this bag just too cute?!?!

The ribbon is Bell from Beauty & The Beast and the dragon fly is from the fleece blanket I used for the letter’s filler.

The bag already filled with the letters and all ready for her.

I can’t wait to hear how she reacted to them.

I just hope she loves them, I know T had fun playing with them when I put on the freezer to take a pic.

Now I just gotta make T’s for Christmas!!



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