To My Blog Followers:

Just wanted to let you know I am sorry for not doing post lately. Its been crazy here at the home front. Poor D has been out of work and having a hard time finding some then unemployment decided to dick him around finally today they got it straightened out. I got an order for a blanket and been working on it and feel really bad cause all I gotta do is add a back and I’m done but I have no money at the moment so thankfully the lady is very nice and waiting! The other thing going on is my mother was in the hospital. November 1st she went in for surgery she had a cyst on her ovaries. She originally went in last month to have it taken care of but they couldn’t do it robotically cause the cyst decided to get tangled up in her bowl intestine (she has extra bowl intestine she was born with). So on the 1st she went in and they opened her up and got the cyst out and since she only had her ovaries left they took them too. When they first found the cyst months ago they said it was the size of a large grocery egg, well when they pulled it out, it was actually the size of a tennis ball. Today she got to finally come home. She is doing much better, of course in pain, but that’s why she has all of us to help her out. Her xbf which is a great friend now, is here helping us out too! I am thankful to have him here, he has been very helpful for us. Poor T missed his Gigi while she was at the hospital. He is now excited and wound for sound that she is finally home.

So like I said sorry for the delay in putting post. It has been really crazy around here. Now that my mom is back home, its time to make sure she relaxes and heals up good. Now going to be busy working on everyone’s Christmas gifts too. But will try to get on here and put a post on here to make sure everyone knows that I am still here and not ignoring people.


3 thoughts on “To My Blog Followers:

  1. Thanks for the update, even though it’s a lot of personal stuff to share (a generic “health issues and life” would suffice) — I’m glad you care about us stalkers to keep us up to speed. 😉 I hope your mom’s surgery turns out well, and the unemployment/job hunting brings up an even better opportunity than what you had so that it will feel more like a gain, an upwardly movement of sorts. Good luck!


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