Christmas Tree

That’s right!

I have our Christmas tree up already!

I have already had people tell me it’s stupid and I need to stop.

Well unlike some people I wan’t our Thanksgiving & Christmas decorations up so we can enjoy these two holidays!

This way we ain’t trying to enjoy the holidays and put decorations up and trying to do shopping, cause its just turns out to people already sick of the holidays.

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I absolutely love how our tree came out.

Well I always love how it comes out because every year I do all the decorations and the tree.

I think its cause I am too much of a perfectionist when it comes to decorations.

T also had fun watching mommy put up the tree and decorating it.

He kept playing with the garland.

T also decided to climb into the box that the tree came in.

Yes we use fake tree.


Because we believe this way the trees stay where they belong in the forest and not in a house for a month then in the trash.

So how many of you have started your Thanksgiving/Christmas decorating?


5 thoughts on “Christmas Tree

  1. My Goodness, you are so organised! If i could get away with putting our fake tree up now i would too but we dont have thanksgiving in the UK. Plus i think the hubby might move out!

    The furthest i have got is a start on the shopping.


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