Special Christmas Ornament

Back in November 2008 me and my mom was out doing some shopping and we went over towards the Christmas items. I found the cutest ornament ever but it said “Parents-to-Be”, I just fell in love with it. I told my mom I wish I was pregnant, she said “if you get pregnant before Christmas I will get it for you guys”. Guess what…1 week later found out I was 6weeks pregnant for T. I was so excited and overwhelmed. I cried when the doctor came in and said I was pregnant!! Next I told my mom with tears in my eyes I said “guess you get to buy me that ornament” lol. The next day we went to the store and got the ornament. Its just funny how 1week after seeing that ornament I found out I was 6weeks pregnant.

Isn’t that ornament just too cute. Ever since I put that ornament up on our tree every year. I am still shocked at how it all went down.

Anyone have special stories kinda like this one? Don’t mind sharing go ahead would love to hear them!!


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