Cleaning up after A toddler

This is not the most funnest thing to do for any parent. Its like you go and clean and maybe 2mins after the child is up from nap the place is a mess again. We used to clean the house (toys everywhere) when T would be napping and when T would go to bed. We would get all toys picked up and looking nice and vacuum the floors. As soon as he gets up from the nap or wakes up in the morning its like 2-5 mins and the whole living room is a mess and you are stepping all over toys. Anymore we just vacuum and clean up when T is taking a nap, don’t do it anymore after he goes to bed cause what’s the sense? I just at times get sick and tired of always vacuuming and cleaning, but I love being a mom lol. Worse part of it is I have a VERY stubborn toddler and will not help clean up his toys, its very very rare for him to actually help and when he does he just goes and makes a mess again.


How many of you parents go thru this all the time?


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