Homemade Christmas Gifts

This year I decided to make people homemade gifts instead of going out and buying something, plus to be honest its cheaper. So are to be honest my grams is the only one that is done, her lap blanket came out so nice and beautiful. I still have to make my gramps, aunt, cousin(F), uncle and 2 more cousins(M) plus make my bro’s gift, mom and fiance also my son. Thankfully we went out and did Christmas shopping for T. We got him a few outfits and a couple toys and I am going to make him a kid size tool belt then he is finished. I am having a hard time figuring out what to make my mum for Christmas. Maybe a blanket but don’t know what pattern to use there are so many beautiful patterns its unbelievable. My uncle I am going to have fun making his NOT. Its going to be a type of blanket that has a strap that will go around his neck and possible waist to keep his shoulder warm, he has I believe severe RSD in his shoulder he can only use his hand that’s it with that arm. Poor D might not even get his on time, he’s getting a Tetris blanket. I think I am just way over my head with all my projects. But I know I will eventually get thru it and will be able to relax a little.

On the good note, T went for his 2nd haircut today and he sat in the barber chair all by himself just didn’t want to keep the robe thingy on. The guy was good about it, T sat there all nice and good for him except when he got the buzzer to trim up the back of his neck and around the ears, but still did good. Now T looks handsome and so grown up for only being 2 lol.

How many of you are doing homemade Christmas gifts? How early did you start on them?

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