New Stuff for Mumma

Yup I finally got a new iron and an actual ironing board!

I was using a small iron that works perfect for little projects but when I am working on a blanket takes even longer.

So D went and bought me a new iron for my birthday (few days early).

Also I need of course and ironing board so he got me a table top ironing board.

I love em’ and can’t wait to actually be able to use them!!

Also I ran out of thread and was going crazy cause I couldn’t sew so last night I finally was able to get some.


Am I a little crazy for getting excited over an iron, ironing board and more thread?

I think not I’m just someone that love’s her sewing!!!



2 thoughts on “New Stuff for Mumma

    • I have a small one but don’t do too well with blankets, I also have a big one that’s from like the 50s and it just don’t work right. So me and my fiance went to our local Dollar General and got a cheap one for $9, it works wonders for being cheap lol


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