Pee All Over

This is something us parent’s don’t like waking up to with our kid(s). T is still potty training and getting better, well at home. He is still not potty trained for when we are out in public, but that comes in time. When he is at home he is in his undies and pull them down when he has to go! But, when he goes to bed he wears a pull-up. We make sure he don’t have a drink an hour before bed and he goes pee more then once before bed and its A LOT! He still at times will wake up pull-up soaked and the sheet soaked. I want to know where this kid holds all his pee?! I swear he has a bigger bladder then supposed to, like I mentioned he can pee quite a bit before bed and still wake up with a wet pull-up. He hasn’t figured out how to get up and go potty. Well he doesn’t use the regular potty yet. I swore one of these times I am gong to put his potty in his room at night an see what happens since sometimes at night he will pull his pull-up off with just a little pee in it.


I just want to know where all his pee comes from. Especially with already going potty. He’s the only kid I know that’s like this I don’t know anyone else who’s kid is this bad with all the pee?!


3 thoughts on “Pee All Over

  1. Ugh. We wake our son up to pee before we go to bed. He unloads a gallon. And again in the morning. No idea how they make that much! Before he was trained, he’d pee through a diaper every single night. No matter what brand, no matter how many liners. Ugh!


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