2nd pair of toddler pants

My senior year of high school we had to do community service for one of our classes so I went and helped out at the “Day out with Thomas”. Well needless to say I never returned my t-shirt we were made to wear…oops. Well the shirt didn’t fit that well to begin with but I kept it. Now that I have a son who LOVES Thomas, I figured I would make him pants and use the little patchy thing on the pant leg. This is my second pair of toddler pants I have made out of shirts and they look great, a lot better then the other ones, which he loves to wear. I can’t believe how nice these came out and T looks good in them. I showed my grams and she said I did a great job (which is great to hear) and that I should make some to sell. Hmmm, naw not yet lol, in due time maybe. Well I just wanted to show off the new pants I made T and hope whomever reads this post likes them too!

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