Black Friday Shopping….

…this is something I am totally NOT for. I personally think its one of the most stupidest days ever. Its just a day where people can get crazy over stuff they think is a great deal when after Christmas is when they have all the great deals and people aren’t going crazy. Its just stupidly crazy how people are on black Friday. There have been workers that has been killed over people being stupid. Me and D we have a normal Christmas, we don’t do a lot of gifts since its the thought that matters, and we are trying to teach T this too. Around tax time we usually go out and get stuff we were going to get a Christmas and we say its Christmas part II. To be honest the deals are much much better after Christmas then they are on black Friday. Its my personal opinion. Just whomever reads this post and dares go out shopping Friday, be safe and careful. I think its a waste but hey not everyone is like me. I could go on and on about how stupid it is to go shopping on Black Friday but I think I have said enough. If anyone has something rude to say to this post please just keep them to yourself I don’t need your sarcasm. Thanks!


Enjoy this crazy video of Black Friday shopping. There is so many videos on Youtube and its just ridiculous how people react on this day!

Black Friday Shopping


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