At My Wits…

So much as been going on here. Been busy with a lot of family issues, working on projects and trying to be a mom to my son. I finally on November 18, 2011 I sold my first blanket! The lady received it on the 21st and she said her fiance loves it, I was so glad to hear that. The money I made from that blanket I spent 3/4 of it on more fabric and the other 1/4 on something for T. Now I am busy trying to get everyone’s Christmas gifts done in time. Ugh I am so frustrated with all this sewing, I can’t wait til I am done so I can get a little break from my sewing machine and I know it needs a break too lol.

On top of it all T has been not wanting to use his potty. Thanksgiving Day, we went over to my grandparents place for dinner and well that was so much fun. We decided to try something new with T and let him go in undies not pull-up and bring his potty with us. We were there maybe 20mins and he stands in their dinning room and pee’s his pants, everyone thought it was so funny (thankfully they have wood floors not carpet). About 2hrs later he is just running around their house in clean pair of undies and his t-shirt and next thing you know I hear people saying he’s making that poop face. Do you think anyone could have common sense and put him on the potty? Nope they let him stand there and poop his undies. Sometimes I wish what is up with my family, they seen him making his face and they could have put him on the potty. Now today, T hasn’t been wanting to use the potty and purposely pooped his undies TWICE! The second time he was next to the potty and instead of pulling down the undies he stands there and poops. I am just at my wits with all this. Maybe its because there is so much stress in the house right now its his way of getting attention. Things will hopefully be starting to getting back to normal cause on December 5th D finally starts back at work. He has been going crazy cause finding work around here is hard and finally he got in somewhere’s! I just don’t know what to do about T and pooping and peeing his undies. He was doing so good and now he’s doing all this.

Any parents who read this have any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you guys for letting me vent, but hey its my blog so I am allowed to right?!


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