The Versatile Blogger Award!

Earlier I was checking my mail and was told had a new comment on “Wordless Wednesday” and found out I was nominated for The Versatile Blog award. How awesome is that?! I guess after being nominated you have the chance to accept the award and then there are a few rules you have to follow in order to accept said award. I’ve noticed that this is kinda like one of those chain letters, but its basically for new/recently discovered blogs out there. Its kinda like getting people to check out blogs that they don’t know about. Its actually pretty neat.

For the Versatile Blogger Award — these rules are as follows:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you!
  • Add the award pic to your blog post.
  • Share 7 random things about yourself.
  • Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers and let them know about it.

Thank the blogger who nominated you:

I would like to thank Domestic Recluse for nominating me. Her blog is about many different things and her post are always interesting to read. If you get a chance go check her blog out!

Share 7 random things about yourself:

1. I am a major gamer geek. To be honest I have always been one, but never let it shone thru until I met my fiance over 4yrs ago. I play old school games like Nintendo, Super Nintendo & Sega. I also do RPG. I play World of Warcraft, which I can thank my fiance for getting me into it. I may not know a lot about gaming but when it comes to certain old school games I know a lot!

2. I LOVE comedy, family/kids movies. Why?! I guess I am just a big kid at heart. I was told a few years ago by a friend that they thought I was a type of person that was into horror type movies. Um nope! I absolutely hate those types of movies. They said that because its how I represent myself I guess. I just dress in normal close and usually keep to myself. Hmm go figure.

3. My mother raised me and my brother on her own. My father was/is never there for us now adults then kids. My father is the type that puts his booze before anything else. But he is now starting to regret it.

4.  I have a speech/learning problem. I have had it since I was just a little kid. The speech, basically my brain has a tendency of thinking faster then me trying to say stuff. I also have a hard time saying words, it can be very embarrassing. The learning well I am the type that has to have 1:1 interaction while being taught stuff and have to visually see how it works to understand. Example: I can’t read something in a school book and able to understand right away, I have to have someone sit down and really explain it all to me. Its all very hard to explain everything.

5. I have a major fear of snakes. I just plainly don’t like them. Every time we go to the zoo, I try and skip that part.

6. Was told I would never have kids because of my size and having PCOS. I proved those doctors wrong. I know have a beautiful 2y/o son who I love with all my heart.

7. Basically I have almost no friends. Why?! Because I am a heavier size woman and people just don’t like me. I usually keep to myself and go on with life. I actually like it that way, but I do have a few people who act like my friend and they really ain’t.

Nominate up to 15 fellow bloggers and let them know about it:

1. Sarasota Mom’s Spot – A blog about life and a SAHM relearning the skills for a little one, as for her oldest is 18 and her youngest now 1. Her post are fun and interesting to read, I always look forward to reading her blog when a new post is put up!

2. One Stitch Two Stitch – This blogger loves to do crafts! She crochet’s, sews and so much more.

3. Small Town Girl – A mom who was raised in small town and shares things about life, family and craft’s she does.

4. Rainy Day Mum – SAHM to 2 busy body children. She wanted to figure out what to do with her child on rainy day. She is always posting creative crafts to do with kids and are always fun.

5. Mom Land – 24/7 mom who blogs about being a full time mom. I love some of her post cause they are very true and I can relate to some of them.

6. General Happenings in my House – Started her blog to try and start back into her writing. She is a mom and a wife and well her blog is exactly what her name is!

7.  Knittybutton – Wife and a new mom since Sept. 2011. She is always posting about some awesome knitted, crochet and baking posts.

8. Critters and Crayons – Talks about humor in parenting, crafting, cooking, family activities and other random posts.

9.  Raisingsimeon – Writes about discovering fatherhood.

10. The Working Dad – Full-time father and works full-time. He also is a geek at heart. Loves his family and friends. His posts are always about something different and interesting.

11. So Resourceful – A collector of random items. Loves to try and make stuff out of other stuff. She loves to sew and she has created some of the most amazing items.

12. Mummasays – Works full-time and is also a full-time mother to a busy body and also tries and full responsibilities on taking care of the house.

13. Guerilla Dad – Stay at home dad to 2 boys. I follow this blog because it’s uncommon to see a father stay home while the mother works, and I believe its just completely awesome!

14. Sew is Me – A mom who homeschools, bakes, sews, crochet’s and so much more. Always has good and interesting posts.

15. Outnumbered – A wife and a mother to boys. Blogs about important stuff in her family and to share her handiwork.


2 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. Hey there! Congrats on your award! I see that we have a few things in common, namely being a gamer geek (except I haven’t WoW’ed, I’ve been busy with Skyrim), I like comedy too (Adam Sandler, etc), and I practically have zero friends in my area, but that’s ok — because the (very) few friends I do have (live far away and) are priceless! Thanks for sharing, hope you’re having an awesome day!


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