Am I a bad mom?

Late last night me and D were getting ready for bed and I started thinking and asking myself if I was a bad mom. I even asked D few times if I was a bad mom. He simply said “no your a great mom”. I just feel like one because lately it seems like I have not had enough time to spend with him. When he was a little younger I always did crafts with him. Now its like he doesn’t want nothing to do with crafts. I have also been busy working on sewing projects so they are done in time for Christmas, but I usually wait to work on them until when he is napping or bedtime. T has no kids around that he can have play dates with, and there is nothing around here for kids his age to do. Most of the time T is usually just here home with mommy playing with his toys. Yes I know that is a good thing to, because it helps with him using his imagination and he does some interesting things with his toys at times, he’s smart. I just feel as if there is more I can do with him. I feel like I am letting my son down already. I try to do crafts with him and he is not interested. I’ve tried with getting him to learn the ABC’s and 123’s and well that don’t go far. I just want to know what I am doing wrong? I just feel like a bad parent, but I have been told a million times seems like that I am NOT a bad parent. I just have a son that is more interested in playing with his toys I guess. Also I feel like a bad parent cause I have a really picky eater. Its getting to where he only eats peanut butter jelly sandwiches and pancakes. We bought these pouches that have puree fruit in it and he loves them, so thankfully he will consume those without a fight. We have tried so many different things to get him to eat and he is just not interested. At dinner time we offer him food we are eating and just turns his head and says “bleh” or “no”. I am not going to let my son starve so we give in and make him a sandwich. I just don’t know what to do anymore.

On the good note, we did get T to help out with a project for like 30sec if even that. We got these melty bead kits that contain 2 designs for $.97 each. Well mommy and daddy sat down and put the bead on the tray in the right order and we had T help with holding the iron to melt the beads. Yeah that lasted a few sec and that was it. He wasn’t interested in it anymore. He was more interested in his Thomas & Friends toys. So me and D finished making the rest of the things and I put string on them so we can hang them on the tree, they came out pretty cute!

One thought on “Am I a bad mom?

  1. As moms we always feel like we are not doing enough. Some things that helped me to feel more confident: I found a free story time at the book store, and moms are dying to talk to eachother. The playground, McDonalds Play Place, Facebook (love reading about The little ones, send me a friend request!) There are parenting websites that will send you weekly updates on what your child should be doing, and they’ll tell you they become picky eaters and their
    interests shift. Now when strangers make comments I take the time to chat. I hope this helps!


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