What this mumma did with a break…

As most of you know, us SAHM’s don’t get breaks much from our kid(s). Well today me and D got a break from T. My mom took him with her to do some running around town. They were gone for a couple of hours too. So what did me and D do? CLEAN. Yup, its crazy. Most parent(s) when they get a break they relax and enjoy the time until their little one(s) get back. Well not us, we did cleaning and it sucked lol. Our bedroom was so bad, we had clean clothes AND dirty clothes all over our room, not to mention random crap and toys T brings into our room. It took us about an hour to get it cleaned up finally. I can’t believe how clean the room its. I give it a few days and T will come in and mess it up again. Tomorrow we are attacking T’s room. That’s going to be a lot of fun NOT. His room is such a disaster anymore. As son as you clean it, he goes right in and destroys it again. Also while we got the little break, we cleaned up the living room and moved some furniture around so we get more room in the living room.

I swear in every room there is at least one toy of T’s, even the bathrooms have toys in it. Everywhere we go there is a toy of Ts. Its all part of being a parent I guess, but I love it. I just don’t like it when you step on those matchbox cars, those things hurt. I just think its funny we as parents get a break and we decide to clean, yeah it needed to be done tho.

How many of you parents do the same thing? You get a break and instead of relaxing you go and clean up?


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