Kid(s) & Pet(s)

We have one cat who we love very much. We adopted him when he was 3 months old and he was 3wks old when someone found him and his brother Jughead out in the middle of the street. They took the kittens to Lollypop farms and they rescued them. The week we decided to adopt a cat they were having a special because they have so many cats it was $50. We got our cat Bruiser in 08′ and he is like another family member, he’s like a son to us. But unfortunately we can now no longer have him living with us. So he currently lives with my grandparents whom take very good care of him, thankfully they have been buying the cat food and litter to help us out cause of finances right now. We get to see him whenever we decide to go over for a visit and I hate when I have to leave and he can’t come back with us.

Now back to the title, as soon as we found out we were pregnant Bruiser has always been protective. He was always by my side when I was pregnant, and one time he was laying on my belly and T must have kicked cause next thing I know Bruiser was getting up and laying down next to me, it was too cute.

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As you can see in the slideshow above, Bruiser has been very protective of his little brother. Bruiser is a very good cat and couldn’t ask for a different cat. Hopefully soon we will be in a place where he can live with us again. I love sitting and watching T and Bruiser play, cause he just basically sits there and let’s T do whatever he wants. Only twice Bruiser gave him a little scratch on the hand and that was because T was pulling hard on his tail. T has since then learned his lesson.

How many of you parents have pets that are just as protective of your kids and your pets are like family to you?

Go ahead and share I would love to hear the stories!


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