Sew Much to do!

I believe I have mentioned about making gifts for people in the family this year. Well I am wanting to go crazy with all this sewing. I have learned one thing and that is start earlier then middle November if I have as many big gifts as this. To be honest I actually only have 3 people done and still have at least 7 more gifts to even start, and they ain’t all small projects either. I am way over my head and def not doing this much next year lol.

My uncle has RSD in his one shoulder and he is always wearing a blanket on his arm and it never stays up on his shoulder and he has a warmer that looks like a sleeve but don’t keep that warm. So I figured the best gift for him is a really good warmer for his arm, it also will be a small lap blanket when he isn’t using it on his arm. The pic below is how I put the pattern together and sorry it may look crazy but hey who’s patterns don’t look crazy?!

Click to see better view

Don’t it look crazy?! I really can’t wait to make this, its going to come out really nice. I am even adding a small pocket so when he decides to use it as a lap blanket he can tuck the strap that goes around in the pocket and not worry about losing it. I really hope he is going to like it, I know the material I am going to use is really nice and warm and that’s a major plus!

Who is making gifts this year? Are you ready to go insane with trying to get them all done? I know I am trying to find time to sew with being a full-time sahm, my son come’s first thankfully I have easy days like today he is in his room playing and watching Clifford Puppy Days and he is being very good, if I am lucky he’ll fall asleep.


3 thoughts on “Sew Much to do!

  1. ooh love the design for the shoulder blanket, that’s a really good idea. I’ve made most of my gifts this year. I am making up hampers so have made my famous festive hot chocolate, marmalade, reindeer bark, gingerbread cookies and truffles. For a friends birthday I made a kindle cover and am making notebook covers for a few friends too.


  2. I can totally understand how you feel. I am a fan of making own gifts, but I usually (well – always) mess up with timing and end up spending the last week before Christmas being too busy with gifts, when I should rather spend time enjoying the festive season 🙂


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