Adventure to the North Pole

Okay, that might have sounded weird but where we live they have a place where they call the North Pole its on the corner of a main street here in town and it has a Santa house. Every December they offer pictures with Santa and the price of pictures are just donations.

Now that is all said, we decided to take T up there to get a photo with Santa done. That was a major adventure all its self. When we got parked I asked him if he was ready to see Santa he shook his head no. So his Gigi asked if he wanted to get out and play in the snow, well it worked we got him out of the vehicle and started heading towards Santa’s house. As soon as he looked thru the door and saw Santa he started crying and screaming. Should have known from then not to even try but I really wanted a pic of him and Santa. We tried and didn’t succeed, so we walked out and let the other kids see Santa and then we tried again. This time we tried giving Santa T’s cookies to see if he would go and be close to him so we could get a pic and well that didn’t work. Santa even said why don’t we try a pic with Mrs. Claus, well that didn’t even work. Finally daddy picked T up and Santa stood next to him and the picture was taken. Its kinda a cute picture tho, it has Santa, T, daddy, Blu and a Thomas toy. Maybe next year will be a little different. I know when T was born in 09′ we took him to see Santa that year and he was just a few months old and he did really good, now its just hard to get him near Santa. This year we gave them $10 as a donation because they were so good with T acting the way he did, it was totally worth it tho.

Here are some photo’s of T with Santa since 2009. In 09′ we had two pictures done because the first one was at our local Walmart and the guy acted like he didn’t want to be doing the job. Second one is at the North Pole here in town and we have been going there since then.


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