Yup my lil’ guy is sick.

I hate when he gets sick and all I can do is just be there and make sure he has everything he needs.

Wish I could take the cold away and give it to me.

So far he has just been sluggish, tired & warm but not fever warm.

I am glad he isn’t puking or got diarrhea.

We noticed his not feeling good last night and today still a little sick.

But even tho he is sick he still manages to play with his trains.

Only thing is I love him with all my heart but he’s been stuck up my butt all day.

But its okay, I guess the stuff I really need to do can wait snuggling with my son is more important.

But as I am typing this I think he is feeling a tiny bit energized cause he is in Gigi’s room running.

Usually kids when they are sick they just mope around, T he does but then gets a burst of energy and then back to bumming lol.


3 thoughts on “Sick

  1. This may be selfish of me, but I enjoy when my boys are sick (although I feel bad for them) because they need me. It is good to feel needed when you know the other person truely needs you not just wants something from you. (I know I have issues that God is fixing in me 🙂 )
    My favorite times as a girl was being sick because that meant my mom would stay home with me and be with me and give me toast and chicken broth and 7-up.
    My mom was a single mom and worked all the time, so those were my only memories of her growing up (no pitty party on my end – just fond memories).
    Treasure the moments when they need you until they realize in their adult years how much they truely shoud have appreciated you. (Since we all get lost somewhere in the teen and 20’s)



    • Yeah I spent most of the day cuddling with him and making sure he was okay. Just later in the day he got a burst of energy and that was it. Even when the booger is sick he still manages to go and play like he ain’t even sick. I love moments like that when all they wanna do is cuddle!


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