Make your own Dry-Erase Board for $2 (or less)!

Finished product (with flash)

All boards I have seen are at least $5 or you can pay a dollar for a really cheap one that just don’t work out right for ya.

I’ve seen these online people making and figured heck why not?!

I went to our local Dollar Tree and got the stuff I needed, and only cost $2 (not including tax).



*Picture frame (at least $1 or can find cheaper in some places).

*Dry-Erase Markers ($1 at a Dollar Store and they actually work!).

*Picture, Wrapping paper, decorative paper (scrapbook paper), or fabric.

To Make:

*Open up the back of the frame & take out the piece of paper it comes with.

*Cut the paper or fabric you chose to use to the proper size so it will fit.

*Place the paper or fabric into the frame & secure the back on.

*Use your marker to write anything and your done!

On the desk where the sewing stuff is (flash)

Its something simple and easy to make.

Can save money making your own and can change the background anytime.

I used a picture my son drew or should say scribbled lol.

As you can see I have more projects to finished and since I still had room on the bottom I place this years Christmas picture on top of the glass.

I love the picture of Santa, T and daddy.

Well I hope some of you like this project and share with anyone you know wants one and don’t want to pay an arm and a leg!




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