No family Christmas?!?!


Yup that’s right this year my family won’t be getting together and celebrating it as a family. You may be asking yourself WHY?! Well because my cousin who is 21y/o just married a chick that is 38y/o has kids and grandkids and one of her kids is the same age as my cousin. Now I am sorry but that’s just disgusting. Also some of us don’t believe it because you have to wait 24hrs before getting married and then 15days to get the certificate. Only a week after them getting “married” they were showing people the license now it don’t come in that quick and they didn’t wait the 24hrs just went to the jp and got married, sound fishy?! It does to a lot of us.

Now I am the type of person who speaks what’s on my mind and don’t even think how it will affect others until its said and done. I’ve been like this forever and don’t plan on changing either. I spoke up and said that its completely disgusting a 21y/o marrying a 38y/o women. They ain’t even that happy since they have been fighting everyday even before they got “married” go figure, what kind of marriage is that? They have only been together like 2 months now or close to it and married a few weeks.

But because of me speaking my mind and have the right to say what I want it has caused my grams to tell my mom and say don’t let K(me) know that I am having them come over another time for Christmas. Um hello, my mom is going to tell me so now I am even more pissed off cause my grams couldn’t even tell me this shit, hello yeah I don’t want to be around that nastyness nor do I want my son but I guess I can keep my mouth shut for at least a damn hour so we can celebrate Christmas together. I want to know what the fuck is wrong with this family anymore?! First they didn’t want to do much with my aunt and she was always left out, now she is kissing ass and now on their good side and cause I speak my mind I am now the black sheep. This family has gone down hill since my great-grandpa died in 1999, then my great grandma died in 06′. My uncle was somewhat keeping this family together but is now incarcerated since 08′ and since then the family has gone down hill even more. I just am sick and tired of this family, and people wonder why I say I hate my family hello look at the shit you guys are doing.

Its just bull because my mom is very upset about it and all she wants is the family together for the holiday since its the only time my stuck up brother comes around. UGH I am sorry for the language but I just needed to vent, its just ridiculous how this family has become lately, people wonder why I want to move away from them, they want to treat me like this well then there is no reason for me to be around them.


One thought on “No family Christmas?!?!

  1. LMAO i mean i know its not a laughing matter, but my family is the same way. we have cousins and aunts./ uncles who never come around except for this one time of the year. they only come around to get money out of my grandma and everyone expects me to keep my mouth shut as well. I hope for your sake you and your fam enjoy your day =)


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