2 Now Sick

Ugh now T and myself are sick. Finally T’s old doctor went and sent papers over to his new doctor and they are going to see him tonight, its nice they have evening hours. I’ve been told this doctor is good so we’ll see. T’s last doctor was really good but got into trouble with couple of the insurance companies that he accepted.

Poor kid he’s only 2 and well he blows his nose really good for his age but has a tendency to sniffle his snot, ewwwww. I woke up two days ago with a sore throat now I have running nose and barely talk at times. I usually don’t get sick this time of year and I don’t get the flu shot. I guess its caught up with me now having a son when he is sick I get sick. But this time we can partly blame daddy cause he was sick first and now us.

Well better get off here, T’s nose is running again and I am so drained even typing this is draining. Hope everyone is having a safe and wonderful day!

(the rain we are getting don’t help when feeling like crud)


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