Letter to Santa

May seem to be a little late but its actually not, what’s really cool is our local pennysaver if you send in your letters by the 20th they will publish them in the paper its really cool. Well this year now that T understands Santa more we decided to write a letter to him. It was really cool to sit down with T and write the letter. I am a right handed person and T well he is a left handed kid so we wrote the letter with both of our left hands, and to be honest my writing is getting better with the left hand. It was cute cause T would hold the pen and I would coast his hand to write the letter and while we were writing he would say some of the letters in the note. Next year he might be able to write his letter with less help but who knows either way we had fun writing the letter.

Any of you help your younger kid(s) write letters to Santa?


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