Can’t have til Christmas

D bought me a Christmas gift and its going to be really hard not to open it until Christmas. What is it? A new sewing machine! My current sewing machine is a Brother and I’ve been wanting a new one. So we finally found one I like at a decent price $79 not bad since I checked the site and says only available on Amazon and is over $100. I’ve read some of the reviews and people say its a cheap machine and works but few people had cons for the machine. I’m a type of person who doesn’t need a fancy machine, I just do regular sewing so this simple machine will work wonderful for me. I just want to open it and start sewing but I can’t. Now its going to be staring at me for the next week teasing me lol. I just really hope its a great machine and works wonderful for me, cause some of the con’s I read has got me worried, but that’s why we keep our receipts just in case. Will let everyone know how it works once Christmas gets here and I can use it!!


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