My Family Christmas 2011

We had a great Christmas this year and actually turned out better then expected. My little brother (2yrs younger) was able to come out and visit the whole week of Christmas it was nice seeing him and T playing. T had an amazing time with his Uncle B here, he kept pestering him and I just thought it was cute and funny. I kept telling him well now you know what we go thru when you aren’t here. When B had to leave and go back to his friends house, T would run thru the house saying “B” really loud and would say “B all gone?” it be “yes he went bye bye he’ll be back tomorrow”. He definitely loves his uncle, and its cute cause T don’t know how to say Uncle B’s name all the way so he just calls him B. Christmas Day T came downstairs and didn’t even bother the gifts went straight over to Uncle B and woke him up, then he realized there was stuff under the tree and waited very patiently for mommy, daddy & gigi to start gifts.

As usually kids don’t like getting clothes for Christmas but T def needed them, so he ended up getting more clothes then toys but still got a good amount of toys. When he would open a gift that had clothes he would pull them out and just throw them. D and Gigi loved their blankets I made them, and T he loved his blanket too! I made a tool belt and T wants nothing to do with it, so hopefully soon he will want to start to play with it, we even showed him he could put his Thomas toys in it. I also got a new sewing machine from D for Christmas, I absolutely love the thing so much better then the old one, already used it a couple times and in love with it!

Went over to my grams and gramps for dinner and more gifts, and the whole family was there. It was alright I guess but we could have had a better time. My cousin who is 21 that married a 38 women with kids and grandkids were there and kept giving me and D dirty looks cause we are disgusted with their marriage, but oh well we ignored them and had a decent time. I made gifts for everyone even them people and everyone loved them. My gramps LOVED his Navy blanket, he got a little teary eyed when he seen it, that made me feel good. My uncle who has RSD in his shoulder I made him a shoulder warmer cause his arm is always cold, and when he opened it up and seen what it was he came over to me and gave me a big hug and was crying and said “thanks hunny I love it, you did a great job”, I felt so good when he said that. Later in the day he had it on he said it keeps his arm really nice and warm and its light at the same time!
So all in all me and my family had a great Christmas! Below are pictures of some of the gifts I had made for people and random pictures from Christmas day! I hope you all had a great/wonderful Christmas day with your families!

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