Matching Pants

I had an old pair of pj pants that I just don’t wear anymore plus they were starting to get holes so I figured why throw them when I can re-use them! I ended up making two things and still have material left. Thinking since how much material is left over hem the edge of them and they would turn into sleep shorts for D, hmmmm. I love being able to re-use things!!

1st thing I made was a pair of pants for T, they were supposed to be a size 2T but came out to be 2T 1/2 but he looks cute in them and fit good!!

He was running thru going "ooooo" lol

2nd thing I made was a pair of pants for Blu. This bear was bought for T months before he was born it was actually the same day we found out we were having a boy. Only part of him is still blue other parts are now different color cause T plays with him and after many washes he just don’t come completely clean. He came from Build-A-Bear & their clothes are EXPENSIVE! So he has been wearing premature & newborn clothes (a lot cheaper on sale!!) so I decided he needed pants that actually fit!

T's Bear Blu with matching pants

I think its so darn cute them two now having matching pants! T loves his Blu and he goes everywhere we go now even if to the store really quick!

T & Blu with their matching pants


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