Jealous of Pregnant women?!


Yeah you read that right and its true. Anymore I get jealous when I hear of a family member or friend is pregnant. I started being this way since T turned 1 and he is now going to be 3 in July. We have been trying to conceive for another child since a little before T turned 1 and having no luck. Yes I am overweight but that doesn’t mean a thing. The doctor goes and tells me well you need to lose 10% of our body weight so for me that would be 30lbs, well lets see when I conceived for T I was bigger then I am now, go figure. I was 360ish when I found out I was 6wks pregnant for T, and when I had him 4 days overdue I was weighing in at 380ish, and now I weigh in at 338 and still can’t conceive another child. I hate my body so much I wish I just trade this body in for a new one. I was told when I was 16 that I have PCOS and because of it, it makes it harder to try and conceive for a child. This one doctor I go to I am starting to really hate, all she says is just lose the weight and keep having sex, one problem with that part is for some reason I don’t want it. HA if it was only that easy. I haven’t had aunty flo since September 2011 and taken test and all came back neg so I am not pregnant and the doctor will just go and prescribe me a med to get my flo going and just a month later I won’t have anything again. So that means going on birth control and I really don’t want to cause then you can’t get pregnant (well you can just very slim chance). I am just at my wits ends and want to just SCREAM!!! Every time I hear someone say “I’m pregnant” or “we just had a child” I just get very depressed and start to tear up. I just hate it and I get so jealous of when I hear all this. I have family and friends that are pregnant and an aunt by marriage that just had her 3rd child.

I just don’t know what to do anymore, anyone ever feel like this or am I just a crazy/weird women????


4 thoughts on “Jealous of Pregnant women?!

  1. Hi there! I hope it helps:
    When I was trying for my second child, my doctor said to me that usually couples get pregnant within the first year of trying. But for me, it took me way longer than a year.
    Also, my personal opinion is that, maybe, it is harder to conceive a second child because… let’s be real, sex is usually not at the same rate as when trying for the first baby (usually at the beginning of the relationship).
    Plus, the truth is that the more anxious we get, the harder it might be.

    I was once in a similar position, and I know it’s hard but you might like to try to relax a little bit. It might help. God bless!


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