In our house everywhere you go there is a toy, even when you enter the bathrooms there is at least a toy. I love being a mom but I am sick of all these toys, we told people to NOT get T any toys for Christmas and get clothes something he really needs, what’s everyone do go and buy toys. AHHHHHHH. I understand us and his Gigi buying a couple toys but c’mon we told everyone else clothes but they had to get clothes and toys.

Yesterday my ma and grams had an appointment and of course me and T rode along to get out of the house also I needed to stop at the library for some sewing books, and T had to take a bunch of toys with him. We get to the doctors office and the waiting room is almost full and few mins after we get there it gets even fuller. Here we are T has one chair, me another and all of T’s stuff he brought in another, I think some people got a little upset cause of T with his toys. He brought a small lunchbox full of Thomas trains and his bear blu, of course in my purse/bag I had coloring books and crayons for him. For once in a doctors office he was good as gold!! I think for now on even tho people may get upset with us we will be bringing this stuff if it means T will be good the whole time.

But can you understand with having TOO MUCH toys?! Our living room has toys, dinning room = toys, bathrooms = toys, T’s bedroom = toys. We even have a bin of toys that was taken away from him for throwing them and they are put up in a closet. Its hard for me to just get rid of toys cause its like we want another child so we want to keep them, so we just pack them up and shove into a closet or find space in the shed. One thing I’ve learned from having a child, they don’t need so much toys, since most of them just sit and collect dust.\

Is there anything you have learned from becoming a parent like toys situations?

One thought on “Toys EVERYWHERE!!!

  1. What I do is I put several toys in the toybox in the livingroom. He also has a toybox in his bedroom. The rest go in the closet. Same with books, I put a few out and the rest up. Then after a while I’ll rotate. This helps keep cleaning manageable and every few months he gets to play with something new. I keep bathroom doors and bedroom doors shut. He doesn’t need to be in these rooms anyway, but there’s also no mess to clean up. Every evening while he’s having dinner I straighter up a bit so clean up time at night isn’t a big chore. And when he’s settling for bed he’s not so distracted by things to play with!


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