Lack of Posts–Sorry

So lately I’ve been slacking off on posting stuff on here. I’ve just basically have had writers block I guess, also been busy with the little one. D has been back to work for a month and he is now working weird hours 2pm-11pm, so I don’t really get much free time to try and type out something. Most of my time is devoted to my son who needs me more. When I do get a few breaks during the day (naptime) I usually try and work on a new sewing project that I come across.

On the good note, T has been getting better with his potty training at least during the day. As soon as he get’s up the wet pull-up comes off and he goes right to his potty and goes pee, then get’s big boy undies on (nundies as he calls them) and he stays in those same pair all day with NO accidents. However if we go anywhere’s or nap time/bedtime the pull-up goes on. Recently we have been able to get him to sit on the actual potty and go pee a few times here at home and at his great nana’s house. Now if we can just get him to use the potty more often when we are out and at bedtime not wear a pull-up we will be doing better, but hey he is only 2 years old, takes time and patience, but we are super proud of he is doing with the potty training.

T’s vocabulary has also gotten a lot better. Awhile ago I thought to myself T was going to have speech problems because he just wasn’t saying as much as he was supposed to. I just kept getting told it takes time, and that your a great mom and keep working with him that’s all you can do. Well now he is saying a bunch of stuff, yeah some stuff may not understand but it takes time and working at it. His famous saying right now is “what you doing?” its funny but sometimes gets annoying. A word he is having problems saying is cup instead he says cum, you can’t help but giggle a little when he says it but then have to quickly correct him.

Okay I have to share this. As I was typing the above T was playing then went and sat on his potty to go and the next thing I know he comes over to me and starts smiling so I ask him what he did, he then goes to tell me “I poo” so I get up to check he only passed gas cause there was nothing there. He keeps saying he poo but I keep saying he didn’t it was only gas, next I know he is going to the wipe container and getting out a wipe for me to wipe his butt. I couldn’t help but laugh, so to keep him happy I wiped his butt and the invisible poo. I’m sorry but that’s just too funny to keep to myself hope someone else gets a good chuckle from it.

Hopefully soon I will be able to juggle my time better to try and make a post more often and hopefully will have some stuff to actually post about. It sucks when you wanna type something but can’t think of anything.


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