Presser Feet *ugh*

I have a Singer sewing machine to be exact its a Singer 2259 Tradition, a very simple/basic sewing machine perfect for me. WHY?! Cause I’m not the type who does crazy sewing stuff, just simple blankets and clothes and random sewing stuff. But anyways, I joined a quilt along and for some reason my blocks were not coming out to the right size so the lady mentioned to do a scant stitch or get a presser foot that’s a 1/4″ or also known as a quilting foot. Wouldn’t ya know, these things are a pain to find for my machine, only one I found was right thru the Singer site for $9.99 before tax and shipping. Well I went to a Walmart and they had a 1/4″ foot but was for a Brother, I thought “heck they both have the clip foots so why not”. Bought the foot and put it on my machine and it works!! So nothing like having a Brother presser foot on a Singer machine and guess what it only cost me a little over $8 there. Now things are starting to come out to the correct sizes. Heck I didn’t know I had to have a certain presser foot for the machine, but now I know. I just couldn’t believe all the types of presser feet I found online its crazy and the prices AAAHHH, thankfully I will never get into sewing that much that I will have to pay those ridiculous prices.


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