Video Quilt Along

Yeah I know that may sound weird but its really cool. A lady named Vanessa from Crafty Gemini is hosting a video quilt along for anyone who wants to join. Every few weeks she uploads a video on how to make a different block. The videos she uploads with the blocks are very simple and anyone can understand them. She has many videos for different tutorials even for cooking. I came across her blog awhile ago and I was just amazed at everything I saw/read in her blogs and her videos I love like I had said they are very simple to understand. Her work is truly amazing and I am so glad to have joined her quilt along. Once she has finished showing all 12 videos for the different blocks she will be doing a video on how to put it together. She mentions that if you are just now watching a video that you can still join just check out the first video from the quilt along and she includes a link. The nice part of this quilt along is that each block only requires 2 different fabrics, you don’t have to use the same fabric on each block, can use what you have in your scraps.

So far she has done 5/12 blocks and I can’t wait for the next one. The blocks that have been done already are fun/interesting to make. To be honest I thought by the looks of some of them it would be hard but it actually came out to be easy. I hope anyone that come’s across this post goes ahead and checks out Crafty Gemini’s blog and maybe join the quilt along.

Here are the 5 blocks so far that have been done:

Block #1 —> Bow Tie


Block #2 —> Amish Diamond

Block #3 —> Mr. Roosevelt’s Neck Tie

Block #4 —> Friendship Star

Block #5 —>  Hole in the Barn Door or also known as Churn Dash

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