Toddler naming body parts

Doesn't that smile make you smile?!

Last night while we were giving T his bath we decided to see if he can name and point out his body part, well for the most part he got a lot of them.

“Where’s your eyes?” —>*points to eyes* & says “eyes”

“Where’s your nose?” —>*points to nose* & says “nose”

“Where’s your ears?” —>*points to ears* & says “ear”

“Where’s your teeth” —>*points to his teeth* & says “eeth”

“Where’s your belly?” —>*points to belly* & says “beelly”

“Where’s your butt?” —>*turns his head and looks at his butt* & says “butt”

“Where’s your winkie?” —>*pushing his pelvic up and points to it* & says nothing lol. (at least he knows what it is)

“Where’s your tongue?” —>*sticks out his tongue*

“Where’s your toes?” —>*picks up his foot & points to them* & says “toe”

“Where’s your fingers?” —>*shows his hand & wiggles his fingers* & says “hand”

Those the most he knows so far. We asked where his elbow & shoulder was but he didn’t know so we pointed them out to him and he tried to say the words.

I guess that’s not bad for a 2 1/2 year old who has a tendency to have a short attention span.

Does anyone know at what age should kids know their body parts?


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