Oh Snow How I love thy

Outside my front door

So on January 19th we got hit with snow, and I LOVED it!!!

The weatherman said we would get 1-3″ of snow throughout the day, but where I live never go by what they say lol.

Its funny most of the snow we had on the ground was gone and now the yards are completely covered in snow and looks so nice outside.

Me and T went and opened the door then the screen door to see the snow coming down and he just loved it.

Its was windy so it really made it look cool snowing outside, but I know drivers hate it lol.

Well T was just in a t-shirt and pull-up running around the house and he decided he wanted to go outside and step in the snow.

I told him “you go out there you’ll freeze your lil’ bum off” so what’s he do?

Goes out and stands in the snow >_<

He quickly came back in the house saying “cold cold”, I looked at him and said “told ya so”.

Then he was in awe with looking at his footprint he had made so mumma had to take a pic.

Well finally a few hours later more into the evening the snow started to let up and well the driveway needed to be shoveled.

Ugh that was something I shouldn’t have done but oh well.

See D gets a ride to work & home so I wanted to make sure the guy could get in the driveway with no problems.

Put “Misty Island Rescue” on for T and left the curtains opened and started shoveling the driveway, every few mins peek in windows to make sure T was okay.

By the time I was done the movie was just about over and I believe the movie is an hour or longer.

Thankfully my mom came out and helped me finish the driveway.

can't see well

I had to go out and measure the snow and as you can barely see (sorry) but we had gotten almost 5″ of snow and it was starting to snow again.

Now today (Jan. 20th) my back is so darn sore >_<

I already have back pains and that shoveling made it worse, but hey its good exercise I actually was sweating while shoveling.

I love when it snows out its so nice, maybe tomorrow take T out in the snow and let him play again.


2 thoughts on “Oh Snow How I love thy

    • No I don’t live in the UK I actually live in US and where about I live its common to get more snow then expected and yet people complain about it and they have lived here their entire life. Me and T LOVE the snow and love to go out and play in it too!


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