Snow Dough

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Okay actually some people call it Cloud Dough but I like my name better, why cause T calls it snow lol. I found this project online and to be honest so glad I did. All it is, is flour and baby oil, now one person mentioned they used regular cooking oil and it worked fine, but I prefer the baby oil cause it smells good and after washing your hands they are still smooth from the oil. When I first set this up in T’s water table he wasn’t sure of it at first but then once he seen mommy playing in it he decided to give it a try and the rest is history. He got a little bummed cause we had to get cleaned up cause I needed to head to the store and of course when we got home changed back into play clothes and back to the table.

This stuff is so soft and fun, you also can mold it into things hence the reason you need the oil. I put in the right amount of oil but it didn’t seem good enough so I squeezed a little bit more in and well it was better and could mold it better. When we first started playing I didn’t put nothing under the table cause normally T is good about stuff like that, but I was wrong >_<. When we came home from the store I quickly moved the table and vacuumed the floor and went to find an old sheet and used that, easy clean up! If anyone has kids I would def let your child play with this its so much fun and keeps them occupied. Now T is about 2 1/2 years old and I let him play by himself a few times unoccupied but I could still hear him and he was so good he did nothing bad with it, you can do this with probably a 1 year old but def keep a close eye on them cause at that age they may put in their mouths. Just keep in mind this stuff can be pretty messy so I would def recommend something for the floor best way to clean the child(ren) up is with a nice warm bath in this weather. Tonight we are going to let it stay in the table and see how it is in the morning to see if its still good or make new cause we left it for a few hours came home and it was still good so lets see how it works overnight. When I first made this I did half of what they said to even see if T was going to like it, well he did so I went and made another half and he was even more happier! I hope whomever comes across this blog enjoys this post and maybe makes this for their kid(s)!!


  • 8 cups of baking flour
  • 1 cup baby oil

Now if you want to do say half to try out like I did just do 4 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of baby oil.

  • Then simple place the flour in a bin, water table or whatever you chose to use and then add oil ontop of it then mix with hands.
  • You can use random different toys to play with too! We even had a Thomas & Friends train in the mix they got so covered they got baths too!
  • Either join in the fun or sit back and watch your little one(s) have a blast.



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